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WELLS FUNERAL HOME CANTON NC – buffam leveille funeral home.

WELLS FUNERAL HOME CANTON NC – buffam leveille funeral home.

Wells Funeral Home Canton Nc

    funeral home

  • a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respects
  • A funeral home, funeral parlor or mortuary, is a business that provides burial and funeral services for the deceased and their families. These services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral.
  • (Funeral Homes) A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions funeral parlors, funeral homes, casket makers, or funeral accouterments.
  • An establishment where the dead are prepared for burial or cremation

    canton nc

  • Canton is the second largest town in Haywood County, North Carolina, United States. It is located about west of Asheville, North Carolina and is part of the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town is named after the city of Canton, Ohio.


  • H. G. (1866–1946), English novelist; full name Herbert George Wells. He wrote some of the earliest science-fiction novels, such as The War of the Worlds (1898), which combined political satire with warnings about the powers of science
  • Wells is a small cathedral city and civil parish in the Mendip district of Somerset, England, on the southern edge of the Mendip Hills. Although the population, recorded in the 2001 census, is only 10,406, it has had city status since 1205.
  • Wells Regional Transportation Center is a train station in Wells, Maine served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system, and other transportation providers.
  • prolific English writer best known for his science-fiction novels; he also wrote on contemporary social problems and wrote popular accounts of history and science (1866-1946)

wells funeral home canton nc

wells funeral home canton nc – Black Dragon

Black Dragon
Black Dragon
Jackie Chan in a martial arts remake of Frank Capra’s “Pocketful of Miracles”? That’s what you get in this wild action/comedy, with Chan as a country bumpkin in 1930s Hong Kong who rescues a dying crime boss and becomes head of his gang. While Chan tries to deal with a rival mob, he must also help a peddler, whose roses he thinks bring him luck, pass herself off to her daughter’s fiance’s family as society woman. With Anita Mui, Richard Ng, Wu Ma. AKA: “Miracles,” “Mr. Canton and Lady Rose.” 106 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: Cantonese mono; Subtitles: English; theatrical trailers. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Directed by and starring Jackie Chan, and set in 1930s Hong Kong, Miracles is a gangster film that is equal parts comedy and action film, with a touch of melodrama thrown in for good measure. Chan stars as a young man who rescues a dying crime boss in 1930s Hong Kong. When the boss passes away, he is tapped to become the new leader. He attributes his good luck to an old rose seller and the roses he buys off of her. To pay her back for all of his good fortune, he helps her pretend to be a wealthy socialite, just as she had described herself in letters to her daughter in order to help impress her daughter’s wealthy fiancé and not queer their upcoming marriage. The plot is lifted from Frank Capra’s Lady for a Day (1933), which Capra remade in 1961 as Pocketful of Miracles. Of course, like all Jackie Chan films, this movie contains more–and more innovative–fight scenes than Capra could ever dream of. Two set pieces in particular are stunning: A big fight in a restaurant and the final battle in the warehouse of a rope factory. Along the way, Chan throws in a musical number inspired by Busby Berkeley and a whole lotta heart, making this a well-rounded and entertaining film, which Chan himself has allegedly referred to as his favorite. –Andy Spletzer

Wish It… Dream It… Do It!

Wish It... Dream It... Do It!
Canton, NC – Haywood County

These images are the ShipAways to me.
Because as much as they are about documenting time and distance across the American South, they are also about stopping in front of a crusty window to get a shot of your own reflections… or spending a half hour on an old tile floor photographing your shadows and your dogs.
It is adventure and friendship…. and the exploration of not just the places we roam, but also of how we become a part of those places.

Canton, NC